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Dance, music & movement, and a healthy dose of fun!

For boys and girls from 4 months to 7 years

Kids Let’s Dance General Terms

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Photography and Video
Whilst the family friendly atmosphere we encourage during our sessions means that parents, grandparents and other carers should feel very comfortable taking photographs of their child/children, we would ask that everyone remains sensitive to the feelings of others. Please always stop photographing should you be asked to do so. Any photographs taken should be strictly for personal memories.

When taking photographs please adhere to the following guidelines:
- Please respect sensitivity to photography at all times as there may be foster children or other vulnerable children in sessions. Therefore please only take photographs of your own child.
- No photographs taken at sessions can be used for anything other than personal use without written consent from Kids Let’s Dance and the parents/carers involved.
- If other children are identifiable in the background of your photographs please do not upload these photos to facebook or other social media, or replicate these in any way without consent from the parents/carers involved.

Small mobile phone videos are allowed again with consent and following the same guidelines as for photographs above, full length videos are not permitted.

Kids Let’s Dance expressly forbids the right to reproduce any part of our sessions in any form (e.g. for your own commercial gain, on the internet, DVDs, etc). Anyone suspected of continually filming or photographing a session for any purpose of replication or publication will be asked to stop filming and may be asked to leave the session.

Kids Let’s Dance reserves the right to use photographs or small videos from sessions for publicity purposes. However, in each instance we will always endeavour to inform you and seek your permission first.

Kids Let’s Dance cannot be held liable for the actions of third parties, and, therefore excludes to the fullest extent possible by law, any liability arising from a breach of this section by any party.

Health and Safety
Should you or your child(child in your care) suffer from a medical condition that needs to be shared with your session leader; this information will be recorded, confidentially, for use in the event of a medical emergency. This information may be shared with health care professionals. You agree to inform your session leader of any changes as soon as you are aware of them.

All attendees must be included in the register at public sessions.

Kids Let’s Dance will make every effort to provide a hazard free zone, however parents/carers are always responsible for the safety and wellbeing of babies and children in our sessions where parents/carers are present. Children must be strictly supervised in all areas at all times. Emergency contact details must be left for any child above the age of 3 that is left in the care of the class leader during certain sessions.

Any child above the age of 3 that is left in the care of the class leader during certain sessions must always be collected in good time as class leaders cannot take responsibility for children once a session has finished.

Please ensure your child(child in your care) and yourself are wearing suitable clothing and footwear for physical activities. You may consider taking off long jewellery or high-heeled shoes.

Please be aware that some of our props are not intended for use by children under the age of 3 due to small parts/choking hazards. Please keep an eye on your child(child in your care) and ensure no prop/instrument is put in a child’s mouth, no streamers/scarves/ribbons are tied around a child’s neck or extremities, and no bags or non-breathable materials are put over a child’s head. We ask that you are responsible for the actions of your child. If you feel your child may hurt themselves or others, please play/use the prop for them or take it away.

In the unfortunate event of an accident please report this to your session leader who will help you to locate a first aider and in the completion of the necessary paper work. Session leaders will work with the emergency services to help where possible in order to preserve life.

All equipment is inspected, cleaned or washed every half-term. Should you find anything unsatisfactory please make your session leader aware of this.

All property (including prams) left in class venues, in entrance halls or outside, is left at your own risk. Kids Let’s Dance cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal possessions.

Bookings and Payments
No place at public sessions is fully guaranteed unless payment has been made.

Kids Let’s Dance is under no obligation to refund or transfer your money in the event that you are unable to attend part of or all of the sessions. To offer some flexibility for unexpected circumstances we offer flexi stamp cards. Our 6-session stamp card allows you to attend 6 sessions over an 8 week period. There will be an expiry date on the card and you can attend any 6 sessions during this period of time. When you have 6 stamps, or the expiry date has passed, the card will become invalid and any outstanding sessions will be lost.

Alternatively, if requested we endeavour to offer an alternative lesson at a different time or day for missed lessons at the class leader’s discretion.

Except in exceptional circumstances (which Kids Let’s Dance will determine at its sole discretion), whether you are a first time client or an existing client, we regret that once you have paid for a stamp card then your space has been reserved and we cannot issue any refunds or credits.

Flexibility to classes (i.e. shift workers, parents going back to work etc) may be agreed with Kids Let’s Dance at your class leader’s discretion.

Class Times and Venues
Once you have paid for a stamp card and been entered onto the class register you have agreed to be booked onto a certain class at a certain venue and time. Should you need to change classes we will do our utmost to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee this.

Should a session be cancelled by Kids Let’s Dance (ie due the session leader being ill) we will endeavor to provide a suitable alternative at no cost to the client. In most cases an alternative session leader is arranged (this may be in a different format such as music etc), an alternative date is offered, or the expiry date on the stamp card is extended by a week.

In the instance that a hall/venue cannot be used in the short term, we will endeavour where possible to re-schedule your session. In this instance Kids Let’s Dance is not responsible for any travel expenses incurred.

When a venue is not available on a longer term basis (in excess of one week), on public health or other grounds outside of our control, then we cannot be responsible for providing any further sessions during that time at that venue. If this occurs and in the event that it is not possible to reschedule the sessions, we will use best endeavours to either refund unused sessions or roll these over to when sessions at that venue re-start.

Adverse Weather
Kids Let’s Dance is under no obligation to refund sessions that may be missed by local adverse weather when the venue and local areas are accessible and the session goes ahead. We regret that we are unable to offer automatic refunding or rescheduling of sessions in the event of adverse conditions local to yourselves preventing you from attending a scheduled session.

Should a session be cancelled by Kids Let’s Dance due to adverse weather then a suitable alternative shall be provided. In most cases an alternative date is offered, or the expiry date on the stamp card is extended by a week.

Confidentiality is paramount and will be maintained at all costs by Kids Let’s Dance unless the law should request otherwise (i.e. child protection).

Please take note of our seperate Privacy Policy here>>

Child Protection
Kids Let’s Dance session leaders recognise their responsibilities for child protection and will ensure that any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to. The welfare of the child is paramount.

Equal Opportunities
Kids Let’s Dance has a commitment to ensure that the equipment and activities are of equal value and of equal worth to everyone regardless of race, culture, language, gender, age, experience, religion, background, ability or disability.

Public Liability Insurance
Full public liability insurance is provided by Perkins Slade through Foundation for Community Dance/People Dancing and can be viewed upon request.

Withdrawal of Service
Kids Let’s Dance may, at its own discretion, refuse participation to a client in its sessions if it is felt that the client's behaviour is unreasonable.